19 November 1967 Coventry Theatre, Coventry

19 November 1967

Coventry Theatre, Coventry


On 19 November the Tour plays 2 shows at the Coventry Theatre.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience plays, among others, these songs:

Hey Joe
The Wind Cries Mary
Purple Haze
Wild Thing

Coventry Evening Telegraph (20 November): “Pop’s new wave splashed into Coventry, and on the crest of it was the Jimi Hendrix Experience, one of the most exciting happenings since the Beatles. More than 3,000 youngsters attended two houses at the Coventry Theatre - and a good proportion rushed the stage and shouted for more at the climax of the group’s act. Jimi mixed pop’s new sounds with the rawest of blues, uninhibited showmanship and a brilliant musical technique. He can play guitar with his teeth, lying on
 the stage, or behind his back - and do it better than most in a more conventional position. The result was a stunning, completely individual performance which included hits like ‘Hey Joe,’ ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ and ‘Purple Haze,’ and the wildest version yet of ‘Wild Thing.’ But the teenagers who stood on their seats for Jimi Hendrix were unmoved - and I guess somewhat bewildered - by the Pink Floyd, a group for whom the new wave is more of a spring tide.”

Known as the New Hippodrome since replacing the Old Hippodrome in 1937, this venue was known as 'The showplace of the Midlands'. The venue was once again renamed to 'Coventry Theatre' in 1953.


In the 1980s and 1990s the venue was used as as bingo hall, until finally being demolished in 2002.


On this photo taken during the demolition you can still see the outline of the Stage 'arch'.

After the shows the bands stay at the Hotel Leofric in Coventry, here seen on a period postcard. Nowadays it is part of the Travelodge Hotel group.


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