2 December 1967 The Dome, Brighton

2 December 1967

Brighton Dome, Brighton


On 2 December 1967 the Tour plays two show at the Dome in Brighton.

Thanks to Mick Coyne who not only attended the 2nd show but also supplied all the newspaper-cuttings and his own memories of the night. Thanks Mick!

The show was advertised at least 3 times in the Brighton Argus.

Songs played at one of the shows that night are:

Foxy Lady
Purple Haze
Hey Joe
Wild Thing

The Dome entrance in 1967

Rory Campbell (just sixteen years old and attending his very first “pop concert”) saw the first show of the evening:
   “The package-show at The Dome was very good... Amen Corner who in their movements performed a sort of Irish show band or black ‘soul’ show synchronised routine; Ulster’s Eire Apparent with Henry McCulloch, announced as “Ireland’s most popular act,” though completely unknown in Ireland at that time! and Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett on the verge of insanity, but the band holding together excitingly, and topping the bill, the Hendrix Experience. Jimi emerged onto the stage from the darkness of the circular hall, wearing glimmering pale-blue crushed-velvet flared trousers, and his performance that evening completely surpassed the other acts, both in impact  and musically. I quote from a letter I wrote the next day: ‘Lastly was Jimi Hendrix. It was by far the best and most exciting [act] that night. He played really well, forcing the most extraordinary sounds from his guitar... Throughout the programme he sweated profusely, scratched his head, and muttered things to the audience, completely cool and unconcerned at their reaction. While tuning, someone yelled something unintelligible but racist-sounding at him, and he replied, ‘I didn’t catch what you said, mister, but I sure wish the same to you (cheers and applause!). During his numbers be hopped up and down, and his tongue flickered in and out. Among the songs were Foxy Lady, Purple Haze, Hey Joe, and Wild Thing. The drummer, Mitch Mitchell, did a very good solo; bass-guitarist Noel Redding wore a top-hat”

The Dome entrance in 1967

By Mick Coyne:


(As Recalled In February 1995)

Please Remember This Was Nearly 30 Years Ago And I Was Just 17
This Is How I Remember Events – I would welcome additions or
Corrections from anyone who attended these concerts.

There was a limited amount of local publicity before the shows, in the Brighton Evening Argus, and even less about the show after.
I had learned about the tour through the Jimi Hendrix Experience fan club. So in advance I had purchased a 12/6d (62 & a half pence) ticket, which was quite near and centre to the stage.

So to the day and having been dropped off earlier in Brighton by my parents I arrived at The Dome stage door about 4:45 in the evening.
After looking round for a while it was turning dark and as I was standing alone a short distance from the stage door at just after 5 o’clock a car drew up, facing me, across the pavement from the stage door.
The car was a Ford Zodiac Mk 4, metallic silver and an ‘E’ registration (1967).

The passenger door was opposite the stage door and as it opened just one person got out of the car, and I could see it was Jimi Hendrix.

As he shut the car door and walked round the front of the car towards the stage door I walked towards him and called “Jim”. I don’t know why, perhaps because of the excitement of the situation, but I didn’t say Jimi.
Jimi stopped as he got on the pavement and the car pulled away. As I walked towards him he looked stunning and immediately he reminded me of all the old red indian photos I had seen.
Jimi was wearing a headband with lots of beads and necklaces round his neck. He wore a brown fringe jacket; similar to the one Noel is wearing in the photo on page 77 of the book ‘The Hendrix Experience’ by Mitch Mitchell. The boots Jimi had on were also fringed and similar to the ones Mitch is wearing in the photo mentioned above. Lastly I seem to remember green trousers.

I asked Jimi for his autograph and handed him my open Jimi Hendrix Experience fan club membership card and fan club red platignum pen. We were all alone and it was magical, although little was said.
As Jimi went to sign he looked at the card a little oddly but signed it. He then passed the card and pen back but as he did the pen fell to the ground. “Sorry man” he said, I couldn’t believe how polite he was as we both went to pick up the pen. Jimi reached it first and apologised again as he handed it back with those oh so long fingered hands.
Jimi then went in through the stage door and I just stood there for a few moments, stunned, still with no one else around. Eventually when I did come back to earth I cursed to myself several times, and still do today…
Why didn’t I say more? – Why didn’t I ask to go in with Jimi for a while? – Why didn’t I have a camera?

After a while I decided to go and have a look at the car that had dropped Jimi off and was now parked at the back of The Dome.
Looking inside there wasn’t much but on the back shelf there was a poster about 24” x 12” and it appeared to be of stiff cardboard and not paper. The design was quite clear under the street light and it looked great, a brightly coloured drawing of Jimi and the boys in an (Asian) Indian type scene. Of course at that time I didn’t realize it was a copy of the cover of Axis: Bold As Love.
I hung around the car for sometime and went back to it several times that night. I was tempted more than once to break a window and take the poster(!). I also remember writing with my finger in the condensation on the car ‘Hail King Jimi’.

By about 5:45 there were quite a few fans around the stage door and back of The Dome.  Did not see any other ‘stars’ arrive but around 6 o’clock a couple of the ground floor windows were open and these turned out to be the dressing rooms and could see Mitch & Noel amongst others.
I couldn’t get very close because of the other fans but the boys were chatting for sometime. I never saw Jimi in the room though.

As I only had a ticket for the second show I stood outside one of the fire exits so I could hear what was going on. The other groups were of no great interest to me but when Jimi took the stage at about 7:40 I stood by the doors for the entire set.

The numbers they played that night seemed to be much the same at both shows. There was, in no particular order, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, slow one – possibly Wind Cries Mary, I Don’t Live Today and I think I remember The Burning Of The Midnight Lamp at least at one of the shows. Possibly there could have been other but it was a relatively short set.

Directly the Experience had finished I made my way to the entrance as the first show fans poured out.
Once we were allowed in I brought a programme but I cannot remember how much it cost
I believe the second show kicked off around 8:40. I was only there to see one group and I would guess The Jimi Hendrix Experience too the stage about 10:00-10:15?

By the time Jimi took the stage he looked completely different to when I saw him earlier.
Jimi was wearing a black jacket, dark trousers and the hat, very similar to the picture on page 77 of the book ‘Jimi Hendrix – A Visual Documentary’ by Tony Brown. I cannot remember the shirt or what Mitch and Noel were wearing, although I think Noel was wearing a hat as well.

Jimi played a white right-handed Stratocaster with a rosewood fret board and I don’t remember him changing guitars during the set.
As I have said the songs were about the same at both shows. I remember Jimi took off his hat at one point for a very short time and hung it on the microphone stand, possibly to play the guitar behind his head. But the theatrics were not as physical as when I saw him at Worthing 10 months earlier, the music was just louder.

The show finished about 11:00 and as we left The Dome I reflected on the meeting with Jimi and the chances I had missed.
But I will never forget that meeting – the spectacular vision, the feeling I experienced, the quietness and shyness of Jimi.

I never saw Jimi live in concert again but his music still carried on moving me – perhaps even more now than it did then.

Thank you Jimi – we miss you.

If you or anyone you know attended one of the shows at the Brighton Dome on 2 December 1967 please drop us a note at novdec1967@yahoo.com

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