4 December 1967 City Hall Newcastle

4 December 1967

City Hall, Newcastle


On 4 December the Tour plays 2 shows at the City Hall in Newcastle.


Chas: “He had this guitar shaped like an arrow [Gibson ‘Flying V’]. It was in Newcastle City Hall and it was one of them nights when everything had gone wrong. No matter what happened, an amp was breaking down, there was crackling coming over, and at one point, half-way through the act, he was getting so uptight because like the world was falling down around him out on the stage, and he took this guitar he was playing, shaped like an arrow, and he threw it at the amp. And this is where the good luck comes into it, the guitar went into the amp like that and stuck, it was just like an enormous arrow sticking out of this amplifier. The audience thought it was part of the act, just went ‘rmmm’, rose as a man and from that minute on nothing went wrong. It was just one of them little magic seconds. It just altered the whole balance of the act and he went on to just tear the place apart.” [‘Voxpop: Profiles Of The Pop Process’ 1972 by Michael Wale].


Andy Fairweather Lowe (vocalist of Amen Corner): “Someone was filming [Hendrix] in the dressing room, on video [?] tape.”

Noel Redding: “In Newcastle we met pleasantly intelligent but coldly determined people like bouncer Dave, who beat up eight guys after they had axed his head in and before he walked to hospital. During the show one guy jumped twenty feet from the balcony to the stage only to be lobbed off by a roadie wielding a mic’ stand.“
[‘Are You Experienced’ 1990 by Noel Redding and Carol Appleby]

Here is a picture taken during the 1st show:
For more information about this show including more photos from the 1st and 2nd show visit http://www.hendrixnortheast.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/hendrix/cityhalldec.htm

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