24 November 1967 Colston Hall, Bristol

24 November 1967

Colston Hall, Bristol


On November 24th the Tour plays the Colston Hall in Bristol.


Bristol Evening Post (25 November): “In the hall, youths hurled abuse at performers, but the trouble died down as officials brought the shouting minority under control. But the incidents did not spoil a triumphant return of Hendrix to the first city to put him into the charts. He paid tribute to Bristol over the microphone and then launched into the wildest, noisiest pop music of all... He received a frenzy of applause.”

Many people today wish they had seen Jimi Hendrix in concert. Malcolm Coates was lucky enough to witness one of the 2 shows that he played at the Colson Hall on November 24th 1967. Malcolm, who was 14 years old when he saw Hendrix perform, recalls, ‘the performance made so much of an impression on me that I wrote a review a few months later for my English class’.

Taken from Malcolm’s review:

‘And then the lights went out and the Jimi Hendrix Experience were introduced. In many places he has been banned; in many places, his act has been accused of being obscene and sexy; but nowhere has he been accused of anything but being spectacular and that night was no exception.'

‘He played each one of his three guitars in every possible way, but with his hands, or so it seemed, he played them with his teeth, the stage, his body guards head, a microphone stand and the drum kit’

‘When the last number, Purple Haze, was announced I thought the end of the world was upon us’

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