5 December 1967 Green's Playhouse Glasgow

5 December 1967

Green's Playhouse, Glasgow.

On 5 December 1967 the Hendrix/Move/Pink Floyd Tour ends at Green's Playhouse in Glasgow.

Noel Redding: “Glasgow was a shithouse, but the audience wasn’t dampened by it - they were great.”
“The audience in Glasgow was wonderful, but the vibes were heavy. This huge bouncer was staggering about nearly legless shouting for the bands autographs. ‘Where are ye?’ We hid. Afterwards, while trying to get the crowds out, he got his finger cut off in the door. He never missed it, only wouldn’t you know it was one of the musicians who eventually said, ‘What’s this? Aauuugh!’”

Gary Brooker: "The gig was an absolute shambles, with Jimi having the curtains closed on him halfway through his set, because he was supposedly doing rude things with his guitar. Then green-clothed, short haircut, cap-and-gloved staff tried to pull him off the stage".


Jimi Hendrix          05.12.1967            
1              Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2              Hey Joe
3              Burning of the Midnight Lamp
4              Foxy Lady
5              Purple Haze
6              Wild Thing

Amen Corner          05.12.1967          
1    Gin House Blues
2    Bend Me
3    Shape Me

Pink Floyd          05.12.1967           
1    Take up thy stethoscope and walk
2    Interstellar Overdrive

The Move          05.12.1967         
1    Fire Brigade
2    Something Else
3    Flowers In The Rain
4    Night Of Fear

The Nice          05.12.1967            
1    The thoughts of Emerlist Davjack
2    Rondo

The Outer Limits          05.12.1967         
1    Give me one more chance


Green's Playhouse was renamed the Apollo in 1973, and was demolished in 1989.

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