3 December 1967 Theatre Royal Nottingham

3 December 1967

Theatre Royal, Nottingham

On December 3 1967 the Tour plays 2 shows at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham.

Nottingham Evening News And Post (4 December) by Richard Williams: “The audience, older than most, gave a reception which was scarcely more than polite to most of the groups, and it was not until the arrival of Hendrix that they really went wild. Starting off with a deafening ‘Sgt. Pepper’, he built a climax right through his act until, in his hit song ‘Purple Haze’, the theatres sedate foundations threatened to crumble under the weight of his assault. Although he was not quite at the top of his game, an out-of-form Hendrix can still carve any other blues group into ribbons.”

Phil J. Ellis wrote in with his memories of the night, and he supplied a scan of his ticket and the newspaper advert for this night.

Thanks Phil!

I'd been a Jimi fan right back to when I saw him for the first time on TV 
performing Hey Joe but didn't start going to gigs until later in 1967.  When 
the amazing line-up for the winter package tour headlined by Jimi was 
announced, I quickly snapped up a ticket for the early show at Nottingham's 
Theatre Royal - couldn't do the late show as the last bus home left at 9pm and 
having only recently left school, I was a few years off owning a car!

I have a number of very strong memories from the night - Keith Emerson of The 
Nice throwing his old Hammond around, The Move's Trev Burton walking out and 
kicking over an amp, Syd Barrett failing to show and The Nice's Davey O'List 
standing in for him with Pink Floyd, Andy
 Fairweather-Low in white suit going 
down on his knees to sing Gin House with the totally-out-of-place teenybop band Amen Corner.

But it was The Jimi Hendrix Experience I was there to see.  As I faced the 
stage, Jimi stood to the left, Noel to the right with Mitch in the middle. 
Jimi was wearing a wonderful jacket with horizontal waves of orange, beige and 
black which I have never seen in a photo.  I think he was also wearing a white 
ruffled shirt and orange trousers but it's the jacket that sticks in the mind.

Being an early show, Jimi didn't really pull out the stops.  I recall an 
entertaining but workmanlike trot through the hits and a couple of album tracks 
including some trademark playing with teeth and behind the head.  Again, I
Can't be 100% sure but I'd say the set list included Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Wind 
Cries Mary, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Foxey Lady and Spanish Castle Magic.
There was certainly no Killing Floor, Like a Rolling Stone or Wild Thing which 
at that time I had read about but never heard.

So that was the first time I saw Jimi live.  I spent the next couple of years 
waiting in vain for the next UK tour.  Sadly, it was never to be.
After the shows the bands drive over 300Km by coach to their accomodation: ‘Royal Station Hotel’, Neville Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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